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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fall Flat

I took part in the Fall Flat in Staten Island. A 5K run through the trails in Willowbrook Park.  That was not exactly that flat with the leaves, tree trunks, mud puddles, and bridges.

I did it
On a whim
No training
Because I
Needed a motivator
Needed something to look forward to

In the end I felt amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was something I didn't tell anyone about.  I didn't ask for a cheering section (even though the DeToma Family was nice enough to great me at the finish line). 
I did this for me
I did it

I am not a runner if you don't know me
I really didn't want to run
I found it more difficult than I thought

What helped me?
I did it for me
I had some good music going
The scenery was beautiful

The finish line even more so beautiful

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