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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dense-Not in the head but in the breasts...

Do you ever wonder-What am I doing? Why am I doing this? Where am I?  Who am I?
No?! You’re fibbing.
Yes! Good for you.  We must take a self-check as we must…

I always wonder if I am doing the “right” thing.  Then I say, yes, what’s right at this moment is right.  I always wonder, well why am I doing this, what am I going to get out of this.  And then I say I am doing this for me, whatever choice I make is either for me or for my child.  In the end, I will see why I am doing this.
I always wonder where am I?  I never can figure this one out. 
I always wonder who am I?  And every day, I come up with the same answer no matter what I am doing, why I am doing it, and where I am doing it.  I am ME!
Anywho, there’s my fourth quarter examination.  
It’s October! WTH???  I’ve already gone Apple and Pumpkin picking, I finally ran a race with my little man, took part in my first Tunnel to the Towers Run, are 2 medals in to a Spartan Tri-Fecta, ordered my Halloween costume, had my first mammography and have so much more in store for 2013.  Well then.  
But let’s get talking more about what October means for both men and women.  Breast Cancer Awareness.  Yes, men and women!!!  Last month I went for my first mammography and yes I am under 40 but older than 35.  It was an interesting morning exam at the least, and not as bad as I expected, except the “Don’t Breath” warning.  When I got my results I wasn’t concerned, but I wanted clarity.  I don’t have a lump; and no mention of Cancer.  However the results read “dense breast tissue.”
So I called my doctor’s office and asked is it low density because my 34 Double Ds are too small and didn’t get captured well enough in the exam?  Did they not squeeze them down enough?  Did I BREATH??  
And their response was we like to be cautious so we recommend you see a breast specialist.  Well then.  Cautious.  Preventative. Health Insurance.  I like that.  
With that said, make your appointments people!! Support your love ones people!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's Autumn, it's colorful...It's life as we live it!

We are all so very colorful.  The lives we lead and the people that surround us; it’s autumn and the landscape is even starting to become more colorful. 
But let us remind ourselves that our conversations, our actions, and our love should be more colorful.  What the hell does that mean you ask?  Well, what does it mean for you? 
For me, it means many things.  For instance, how we can all experience an event, the same event, but all have a different story to tell about that event.  Not that any of us are lying, but all of us experienced it differently.  For instance, this week during dinner we shared stories about my grandmother.  She was ONE colorful lady, and my friends and family knows what I mean here!!  Her death and the events leading up to her death are so vibrant that the stories are important to retell; for our own emotional needs, but also to show how so many little things are connected to a bigger picture. Conversations like these tend to bring families back together.  The colorful stuff that we exchange, remember, and share carries a love, a love that we might not talk about or even show, to the forefront.
With that said, take a look into your own lives and those who surround you…friends, families, loves…and be more colorful!  Share, people want to hear…
And on that note, I am running, okay probably jogging at best, the Color or Dye run with my BFF Ann-Marie and my little handsome man. And we are surely expecting to be colorful when crossing the finish line.  And then it’s off to the Tunnel to the Towers, Steven Siller walk/run.  My first year hitting the pavement in the tunnel and it will be an experience. I had planned to run as Steven Siller did on 9/11/2001, however I will walk with little man and friends, some that were hit by Hurricane Sandy, to thank the Foundation for helping us in so many ways.
And, this is one long post but I needed to revisit my priorities for the year and take a self-check.  Maybe you need to do the same? It appears I prioritized some before others and am getting much of the job done.  But I can say that there are a few that I’m not going to complete before December 31, 2013.
· I am not going to complete a creative writing course.  I love to write but I need to find the right class for me and I just haven’t!
· Learn better Spanish.  I am slowly trying this one…
· Exercise Move regularly-no number on that-don't want to pigeon hole myself.  I think I’ve been moving! Taking up some new things and even getting some horseback riding in there.
· Have fun.  I need to stop thinking so much and take control of having fun.  This has been a tough one…I really am doing MY best.
· Don't stress.  I am me.  I am whatever I tend to be.  I think I am doing this.  I tell people stress is overrated-well it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
· Learn how to swim. Okay, so I know how to swim without a life jacket in 12 feet of water.  I just want to get better at going under and jumping off cliffs.  I’ll save this for next year.
· Take on Complete a half marathon.  I really want to do one in Disneyworld...But I'll consider other favorites.  DISNEYWORLD here I come in November for Wine and Dine half marathon!!!!!!!!
· Pray with little man more.  So we need not pray every day-I think our actions speak for themselves…but religion is starting this week.
· Have fun with little man more.  This summer I did not take Dan to Hershey or Great Adventure.  But I didn’t stress either about not taking him.  We enjoyed other things that were better than waiting on lines for rides!   
· Help my son find his talents.  I think I have golden ticket here!!!  Hip Hop Class is going amazingly well!!!!!!!!!!
· Walk away more from little man.  I am achieving this…I tend not to get involved as much as I have had.  He needs to grow and make his own way.
· Take more ARTS training.  Become more involved in the ARTS.  Not happening…But I did get to see Annie with little man.
· Make more dinners or maybe lunches.  A little hiatus over the summer…but getting back on track.
· Make more juices.  BOOOOO.  I sell out and purchase instead.
· Enjoy those around me.  I really find myself either enjoying them or just separating from them because I think they are not in the right place with me.
· Trapeze school- Maybe next summer.
· De clutter.  One day, 9 bags of garbage!
· Become more literate.  Every day I learn and share something new.
· Be aware of what and how much I eat.  Did I gain weight??? Yes, I am clearly aware.
· Read more.  Check!
· See more movies. Check!  Even though many of them are rated G.
· Challenge myself!  And know my best is good enough!!!!!!!  OF COURSE G*D DAMMIT!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Let's Werk this body

This technology thing is getting me mad!!  I still can’t figure out my error on page when I go to write on my blog!!! So I write on my IPhone.  But the last blog entry I wrote is gone from my notes on my phone now.  Technology is not my friend right now!

I digress…
I will never be able to replicate my eloquent words but here’s a go:
I have been working out technically since I was in High School.  Go New Dorp!!  I was the only girl who opted for the non-traditional gym class when I signed up for weight training.  But, who ever said I was traditional? No, I was a beast then.  And I am a beast (minus my shoulder injury) now!  When I went to College, I too opted for East Gym Weight Lifting and HidyOchiai karate as my selections.  Go Binghamton!!
I worked out for many reasons throughout my life: to lose weight, to build strength, to grow cut shoulders and back, for my mental health, for my physical health, and because I like it!
Some say that there needs to be a weekly limit on working out.  Stay home with the family.  Rest.  Blah Blah Blah.  Some say let’s work out day in and day out.  Be a bad ass.  Progression. Blah Blah Blah.  I have been on both sides of the fence.  And today I am happy with working out!  Whenever a friend calls, texts, facebooksor tweets me.  It’s a sign.  Encouragement. Joy.  Why miss out?? No excuses! Tomorrow is tomorrow and today is now so make it work!  Today I work out not to stay physically healthy, you should see what I eat.  Today I work out not obtain cut shoulders and back (Are you buying this one?). Today I work out to maintain harmony; Harmony within my mind, body and soul.  Can you imagine me saying these words out loud?  Try it.  
Do you hear yourself?  
You believe it, right?
It’s true.  When I work out I am working towards a progression of synchronization, not perfection.
Why do you work out?  
And what does working out to you mean?  I used to think only weight lifting was working out.  But silly me!  I have added Spinning, Running, Kettlebells, turning tractor tires over, and circuit training among others to my mix!
Remember next month is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Go get your mammography!  I just got my first!