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Monday, February 27, 2012

Celebrity Sighting

As you might know, I had appeared on Rachel Ray after going on a 3 day Flat Belly Diet in 2008 after having my baby. Well now my niece Megan wants to follow in my footsteps (not really) and appear on the show for winning the Uncle Ben's Beginners Contest!!! She's cooking and I'm eating!

Check out her video here as she cooks Chicken Sausage and Uncle Ben's Rice.  Count how many times she says Uncle Ben's, it's hilarious.  Her cutting skills are very safe and much better than mine! Her commentary during her cooking demonstration is awesome!!!  YOUR VOTES COUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Along with the Rachel Ray appearance, she could win $20,000 in cash and her school cafeteria makeover.  And if you go to a New York City Public School, you know they need a makeover!!!!
So just do it and Vote here EVERY DAY!!
Just so you know how much she wants this:
I saw her on Saturday for a family birthday celebration and she walked in wearing rocking her chef hat and jacket and asked if we could record a video promoting the voting contest.  She created a short script, my son held up the cue cards and there she recorded it on the iphone. She's handing out fliers to every parent and child at her school and has asked all family and friends to post on every social network.  My niece never wants anything.  This, she wants and she DESERVES!!!
Also, she has a nervous stutter that you don't even hear in her video.  KUDOS to her and thank you for taking a quick second to vote for her!!!
Leave a comment on my page letting me know if you voted and what you thought of it.  A FREE piece of Lia Sophia jewelry is waiting for a random winner!!!

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