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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dense-Not in the head but in the breasts...

Do you ever wonder-What am I doing? Why am I doing this? Where am I?  Who am I?
No?! You’re fibbing.
Yes! Good for you.  We must take a self-check as we must…

I always wonder if I am doing the “right” thing.  Then I say, yes, what’s right at this moment is right.  I always wonder, well why am I doing this, what am I going to get out of this.  And then I say I am doing this for me, whatever choice I make is either for me or for my child.  In the end, I will see why I am doing this.
I always wonder where am I?  I never can figure this one out. 
I always wonder who am I?  And every day, I come up with the same answer no matter what I am doing, why I am doing it, and where I am doing it.  I am ME!
Anywho, there’s my fourth quarter examination.  
It’s October! WTH???  I’ve already gone Apple and Pumpkin picking, I finally ran a race with my little man, took part in my first Tunnel to the Towers Run, are 2 medals in to a Spartan Tri-Fecta, ordered my Halloween costume, had my first mammography and have so much more in store for 2013.  Well then.  
But let’s get talking more about what October means for both men and women.  Breast Cancer Awareness.  Yes, men and women!!!  Last month I went for my first mammography and yes I am under 40 but older than 35.  It was an interesting morning exam at the least, and not as bad as I expected, except the “Don’t Breath” warning.  When I got my results I wasn’t concerned, but I wanted clarity.  I don’t have a lump; and no mention of Cancer.  However the results read “dense breast tissue.”
So I called my doctor’s office and asked is it low density because my 34 Double Ds are too small and didn’t get captured well enough in the exam?  Did they not squeeze them down enough?  Did I BREATH??  
And their response was we like to be cautious so we recommend you see a breast specialist.  Well then.  Cautious.  Preventative. Health Insurance.  I like that.  
With that said, make your appointments people!! Support your love ones people!!

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