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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Let's Werk this body

This technology thing is getting me mad!!  I still can’t figure out my error on page when I go to write on my blog!!! So I write on my IPhone.  But the last blog entry I wrote is gone from my notes on my phone now.  Technology is not my friend right now!

I digress…
I will never be able to replicate my eloquent words but here’s a go:
I have been working out technically since I was in High School.  Go New Dorp!!  I was the only girl who opted for the non-traditional gym class when I signed up for weight training.  But, who ever said I was traditional? No, I was a beast then.  And I am a beast (minus my shoulder injury) now!  When I went to College, I too opted for East Gym Weight Lifting and HidyOchiai karate as my selections.  Go Binghamton!!
I worked out for many reasons throughout my life: to lose weight, to build strength, to grow cut shoulders and back, for my mental health, for my physical health, and because I like it!
Some say that there needs to be a weekly limit on working out.  Stay home with the family.  Rest.  Blah Blah Blah.  Some say let’s work out day in and day out.  Be a bad ass.  Progression. Blah Blah Blah.  I have been on both sides of the fence.  And today I am happy with working out!  Whenever a friend calls, texts, facebooksor tweets me.  It’s a sign.  Encouragement. Joy.  Why miss out?? No excuses! Tomorrow is tomorrow and today is now so make it work!  Today I work out not to stay physically healthy, you should see what I eat.  Today I work out not obtain cut shoulders and back (Are you buying this one?). Today I work out to maintain harmony; Harmony within my mind, body and soul.  Can you imagine me saying these words out loud?  Try it.  
Do you hear yourself?  
You believe it, right?
It’s true.  When I work out I am working towards a progression of synchronization, not perfection.
Why do you work out?  
And what does working out to you mean?  I used to think only weight lifting was working out.  But silly me!  I have added Spinning, Running, Kettlebells, turning tractor tires over, and circuit training among others to my mix!
Remember next month is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Go get your mammography!  I just got my first!

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