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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cooler Cleanse

This is my second time drinking cooler cleanse thanks to the introduction by Dori @Dori's Shiny Blog.  After ordering on Tuesday, I chose Saturday as the pick up day.  I love driving into the city so yesterday I went to pick up my 4 day custom cooler.  See the picture below for the handy dandy tote that they give the jucies in.  Today was my first day and I really thought I would need that morning cup of coffee.  I was glad that I didn't get one though as I am on my 5th drink of the day and it has been smooth sailing! Even with people eating pasta and chicken for Sunday dinner!
I started with the Essential Green juice before I headed to Chuck E Cheese with my son.  When I was there, tempted by the fried foods and salad bar, I drank my Almond milk.  Then we headed to visit a new addition to the family where I indulged in the Pineapple and ginger drink while they ate Brothers Pizza.  For dinner I had the Essential Red juice, followed by the Pear juice as I write and later Watermelon it is!
I really liked all of the juices with the Almond milk being my least favorite but still good.  I feel full but not stuffed.  And as I drink all of the jucies I think of how I will feel in 4 days and how those bags under my eyes will brighten because I am getting nutrients that I need.  I hope to feel lighter in 4 days too!
So, off to work tomorrow where I will get strange looks but hey who's eating and feeling better than them? Me!!!

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  1. Love that you are doing this and that I helped!!