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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cleanse of the Body and Mind

It's my third day on Cooler Cleanse and I am feeling okay this morning.  But yesterday was a rough one.  I started with the essential green drink while I was at work.  I digress-I do work full time as a human Resources Director for an Educational Institution but that is not who I am so I didn't list it in my Bio.  Yes, it is a part of me and I have learned some valuable lessons and met some wonderful people.  But it is not me!
I return-at work yesterday I shared tastes of my drinks with "Ariel;" it's great when someone is willing to take a chance and give it a try.  You never know who the taste will affect.  However I don't think "Ariel" will be going on a cleanse anytime soon.  But thanks to the laughs and the taste testing, I got through the day.
I regress-After the essential green drink which I am okay with, I had the Brazil Nut milk.  This drink was better than the Almond Milk and was great but half way through, I tend to slow down and really chug out of need to fuel.  At this point, I started to get very sleepy and a headache.  In turn "Ariel" and I had some tweeting and texting conversations to get me through to my next drink which was my "lunch."  The Carrot drink was next and this was not early as good as the red essential drink.  I feel like it was lacking something but it is on my menu today again.  As work came near an end and I had annoyed my taste tester "Ariel" to pieces, it was time to leave with the Grapefruit and mint drink, pick up my lil one and head to the gym.  But not before a quick stop at White Castle for chicken rings for him.  I can't believe here I am on a cleanse and he is eating fast food.
I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it through a workout because of my sleepiness and my headache but I did and I think that exercising really helped me.  If I weren't working out, I don't know if I would have found the grapefruit and mint drink as refreshing as I did after doing cardio for 25 minutes.  But it helped me energize for the remainder of my workout.
By the time I reached my house, it was late and I was tired, but I still had 2 more drinks to go.  I reached for the essential red, drank it and dozed.  I never made it to the final drink and that angers me!  Today I will get to an earlier start, think good things and persevere!

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