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Monday, May 16, 2011


What's your definition of a success?  I think that's a loaded question and only a novel can answer that thought for me. But let me tell you about the efficacious week I just had.  Really, in global terms, I don't think it really was a success  but maybe I'll think differently once I see everything in black and white.
Right now I am thinking that the only positive part is that I am still alive and kicking since it had been one crazy week. 

Communion times 2 were different and beautiful.  God Bless those kids touched by God.
Mother's Day was a success with brunch on Staten Island and a trip to Pt. Pleasant Beach. Love the beach!
The work week, however productive and memorable, was a feat.  Or was I defeated? 
  • A phone conference that lasted 2 hours too long.  Really people, is this good human resource management?
  • Late work meeting where buzz words like lever and leverage, used in relation to the pedagogical human capital in my workforce, are being used in every sentence with the hope of having it ingrained in our daily practices.  Really, haven't we all been levers in the organization? Isn't that why you keep us around?
  • A evening school visit acknowledging how important the arts are in schools.  And being entertained by dancing children. An alarmingly good and funny experience; No question there.
  • A Friday visit to Harlem. And no lunch visit on 125th?
  So, I said I might have a different point of view by now and I do.  For this week, my definition of success was the fact that I was able get up every day and maintain my job responsibilities in a professional manner. 
You agree?

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