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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bucket List

When I first heard this term, "bucket list" I thought people were saying "fuck it" list.  Apparently though, a bucket list is, according to urban dictionary, A list of things to do before you die; coming from the term "kicked the bucket". Makes sense now.  However I think I am still going to refer to it as the fuck it list because it's creation is based on the fact "fuck it, I am going to die so why not get some things done."  Some of the things, I understand, can be dangerous, fun, simple, outrageous, big, small, or random. As I begin to create my own list, I take all of this into consideration.
If you remember, the newest tattoo I got says "forget regrets or life is yours to miss;" and a common thought out there is the people who fear death are those living with regrets.  So regret, I will not. And achieve I will.
Here are some things I came up with, and each day I add or cross out!
1-Create an autobiography (I have started by blogging)
2-Travel throughout Europe (was able to reach Italy, Greece, France, and Spain)
3-Horseback Riding Lessons
5-Hot Air Ballooning
6-Book a flight to anywhere for a weekend getaway on a whim
7-Make an impact on someones life
8-Travel throughout the United States (CA, NC, MD, VA, NY,NV, FL, NJ, PA, AZ, MA, CT, WA DC, conquered)
9-Be featured in a movie
10-Visit all the lighthouses throughout the United States
11-Get on Big Brother
Here I put together 11 things, however my list can go on and on.  But I have time. 
What's on your list?

1 comment:

  1. Good list! I can even begin to think about my list.