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Monday, July 25, 2011

Hot in the City & Bucket List Update

On Friday, yes the hottest day in New York City since 1977, Danny man and I traveled in to the city on this Danny and mommy day!  We took the Staten Island Ferry, aboard the Guy V. Molinari, which is nothing like the Bermuda boat that we took 2 weeks prior. As Daniel exclaimed while taking in the lovely breeze on the deck, "I really do miss the Bermuda boat."  "Yes, me too, me too Dan," I responded.  Once we departed the ferry, we headed to the 1 Train.  Daniel decided to stay in his carriage for the ride up to 23rd Street and was excited to travel on the super fast subway which he referred to as the expressway. I tried to explain that the expressway is what we take when we are driving on in our car but he continued to call it that for the ride. Once we got to 23rd Street, I had to fold up the carriage and carry it up the stairs; Dan was very cooperative on this very hot day as he did get out of the stroller and walk up all the stairs without asking me to carry him.  The homeless man who was lugging his own gear up the stairs was also very proud of my little one, stating "kids need to get exercise and not be lazy; good job."  Well thank you very much Sir. 
We had reached our first destination which was out of the warmth and into a cool inside play place.  I had located a fun place City Treehouse which turned out to be small yet conducive to Daniel's needs.  A cool play area that had a slide and water play!  It was not crowded which I had expected otherwise, but I did make a reservation as I knew it was a going to be a hot one and I was sure many moms wanted their kids safe indoors.  Dan did get to play with some nice children who were escorted by their nannies, and their nannies took a liking to my child who was trying to share as opposed to some others.  They actually went to the other kids (who they were not looking after) and took the toys away from them and gave it to Daniel because he was doing the right thing.  Once our hour was up there, since my second hour would have cost $20, we headed out the door to the city streets.  Dan safely hydrated in his carriage and I trekking in the heat.  But I love the heat and I love the City even more.  So with a short stop in Macy's and Victoria's secret while he was nicely sleeping in the stroller, we finally ended up at Times Square.
Times Square is one of my top 3 places in NYC!!!  I love to take it all in as I am a dreamer and a people watcher.
Daniel was still sleeping and I was starving! So I ended up at Bubba Gump's.  I wasn't a tourist but sometimes you need to act like one.  My lunch was yummy and peaceful.  I had the Pear and Berry salad with raspberries, feta cheese, pears, pecans, and strawberries.  Light and refreshing. But before that , I indulged in Bubba's Far Out Dip.  So yummy with spinach, artichokes, peppers, and monterrey jack cheese.  And I didn't have to hear Dan saying, "something stinks here."  This is what he usually says when I order the similar from Applebees.  I finished lunch and Dan was still sleeping.  the play time must have knocked him out.  But we were now standing in the middle of Toy's R Us and he still didn't budge.  I waited a half hour before I finally woke him up.  Because this was the real reason we were in the city.  He needed to find the perfect toy and he knew that the big Toy's R Us in New York City, the one with the ferris wheel, would have it.  We ended up in the Star Wars section for quite some time as he carefully examined every toy and chose wisely.  Finally he ended up with 2 Star Wars Jedi Fighter planes which were transformers that turned into Obi Wan and Anakin Skywalker. It was a win win for both of us: the toy was multipurpose and not expensive!!!
Then we headed to the ferris wheel and ended up on Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, which was perfect since it reminds him of Toy Story.  However while waiting on line, I noticed a little girls shirt highlighting her very own Bucket List.
A diversion from City Story...Her shirt detailed a drawing of a water bucket with many words coming out of it, going in it and surrounding it.  Come of those words included: service, respect, peace, patience, and self control.  Kudos to you little chica.  I loved it and found it wonderful to see that the young used Bucket List in such a creative, responsible, caring and adult like way! 
Back on track, literally.  Once our adventure was completed, we ended up travelling to Rockefeller Center to catch the D train to Yankee Stadium.  But not before a short stop at Magnolia Bakery.  As we waited for the train, it was Dan's responsibility to let me know when the train arrived.  So he needed to look out for the letter D (for Daniel) train.  He saw the M, F, and B and finally the D!!!  So off to Yankee Stadium we went where they aced that game against the Oakland A's 17-7.  Daniel's good vibes brought some good luck (not really) to the Yankees.  And I finally got a Yankee shirt.  I have held off for years because I couldn't find the perfect one.  But I finally did and I can't wait to wear it!  But since it is 3/4 length sleeves, that won't be until September! There's a long story that goes with this shirt, maybe even blog worthy but it'll wait for now.

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  1. I am glad you are writing

    I am going back to Bermuda next year- same boat- let Daniel know.