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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Judgment Day-Your life just a boardgame?

My son recently asked to purchase the game Battleship.  I thought hey, why not since it's a good way to recognize letters and numbers.  So I bought it and he was super happy...

I started to write this post in 2011 and judgement day, I am sure, had a different meaning.  However today I pick it up and take my turn at explaining thinking what it means to me in 2012, this month, today, now. 

So, I mention the game Battleship because, at times, I think my life is played by players vying to sink my ships.  I have so many ships struggling to stay afloat, and while some I have control over, some I do not; but when it comes to sinking them, the players, lately, have more control than me.  Make sense? 

I should have control over my own decision making, my own life choices, my own everything.  Yet, I know that some things are just simply out of my hands.  GOD? Men? Family? Friends? Foes? I can only control what I do and how I do it.  Others will make their own "right" choices.  And  take their own "right" pathway.  However when somebody takes control over something that is my own, and I let it happen, shame on me and my ship deserves to be sunk.  However when the reality is that I have no control because I really have no control, so be it.

Sometimes I feel like my life resembles Hungry Hungry Hippo.  Know that game?  Yeah I tend to be starving at times and I like to eat much for myself (sometimes I share) but that's not what I mean.  We are all hungry, we all have an appetite for life and here we are in the survival of the fittest.  Many of us are hungry for the same thing, but mostly we are simply hungry and want to get what only we want.  Keeping our eyes on the prize.  Our prize.  Our life.  All those hippos stretching out their necks to get the food, the goal, the fulfillment.  And here we are, humans, always sticking out our necks for ourselves and others so we can get what we want and need. 
Well , what happens to those hippos after they are full?????????  And what happens when we have no more battleships???


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