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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cleanse, Spin and Mashed Potatoes

I haven't spoken about food in a while.  My lust for food...sigh.  Can you taste it?  Wait, that sounds seductive.  And I, by no means, am seductive...

These last few weeks I have been back in the kitchen.  My kitchen.  And it feels good.  I really do love to bake and cook as long as I have the ingredients and the tools and the recipe to do so.  While I am trying to help little man to like, get familiar with, try new things to eat, I am finally cooking well for me.  Little man has so far tried pork cutlets and mashed potatoes.  Pork cutlets were okay on his watch.  But he couldn't risk it with the mashed potatoes.  Here's a picture of him trying them. 

Doesn't he look like he is gagging, forcing himself to throw up?  He WAS!  What kid doesn't like mashed potatoes??? DRAMA!

This week it's going to be meatloaf...

Connected to my last post,  flushing engines...I had a coupon code for Cooler Cleanse, a juice cleanse that I had reviewed a while back so I thought why not jump start February; My birthday month; Heart Disease Awareness month with a cleanse.  This time I did a one day juice cleanse followed by a raw cleanse. 

The juices were slightly different than my first cooler cleanse.  They were absolutely yummy, especially served cold.  I had six juices:
Sweet-a mixture of Kale and sweet fruits was pleasing and delicious as my first juice of the day.
Citrus-reminded me of summer....
Hemp-not my favorite but it was a nice treat while my little man enjoyed his milk and cookies
Green-maybe it's the celery and parsley that I don't like but I drank it knowing that all the nutrients I was getting are only beneficial to my body and blood.
Spicy-similar to the morning water, lemon and cayenne pepper drink that I live by...but the agave makes it all the better!
Veggie-red and green veggies and lemon.  Color was amazing and the beets are the strongest flavor.  And even though I don't eat beets, drinking it was a blast.

Drinking for whole day was easier this time around.  Maybe because I was constantly doing something but I felt no need to chew. I was never hungry and wanting something else after I drank a juice. And day one without coffee was headache free so that was a perk.  Was just an energized as I would have been with it.  

The next morning I started my raw cooler.  It is supposed to be juice X3, then snack, then entree and finally dessert.  I mixed it up a little due to how my day was planned and the activities I was involved in.  After a run through the trails I chugged down the pineapple and ginger juice-DELISH!!!!!!!!! And exactly what I needed.  Next up was the spicy lemonade-similar to the spicy but more sweet and lemony (is that a word?)  Finally a meal-zucchini linguine.  Wow.  The taste was amazing.  It was so flavorful I was upset that this was the smaller portion of the raw cooler.  I hope to replicate one day.  Another juice-watermelon and lime-oh summer where are you????????? Then the entree collard-wrapped enchiladas.  These were very good.  What is better than some greens, some nuts, and some spice?  I was afraid that the texture would freak me out but it didn't.  And finally the dessert apple pie.  This dessert should be served in restaurants.  Slices of apples covered in nutmeg and cinnamon and the nuts...oh my.....Heaven I wanted more.  However it was very fulling and couldn't stuff any more in.  This cleanse proved successful.-My body recycled it's toxins. I feel rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to take on February.  Try it out for yourself.  It's not the least expensive out there but I had a coupon and I was familiar with the quality.  Save on the shipping and pick it up for your self at many locations located throughout New York City. 

And day two without coffee-no problem. 

And what better way to help cleanse my body but also to cleanse the fat.  I had the opportunity to take a free spin class at Revolve New York thanks to Heidi, one of the instructors at Revolve and a CrossFit girl!!OMG!!! I took advantage of the "real ride" class last Friday evening. The sudio had a changing room and showers-it was clean and white and bright.  You could bring your own spin shoes or you can rent for two dollars.  I rented.  My first time with spin shoes. That was an experience but I can see why spin shoes are better. The bikes were great too. Even though there are many of them (I mean many), which means it is tight but my class had about 12 people in it so it didn't feel too overwhelming. RPMs  were visible on the bike which helped with directions from Heidi.  And helped me keep on track and to push when I really needed to.  They supply towels and have water for you to fill up your water bottles for free!  I really liked that.  The class incorporated weights and great music with an intense, ready to sweat workout.  Twenty minutes in I was wondering what made me spin again.  I let that pass....Because in the end I loved the class, the location, and spining again.  I cannot wait to make it back.

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