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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You've been schooled!

As a little girl, I did play school however as far back as I can remember A-I hated school and B-I wanted to be a chiropractor. Well, until college and my forte was found not to be biology. 

Let's be real, Biology 3x later...a B+.  With that said, I became an Rhetoric major.  I loved to write; I am a critical thinker; and loved to deliver speeches.   

Let's rewind, I have two older sisters.  I rarely did my own homework.  I hated getting up.   I hated putting effort into the work.  I hated the kids.  Thus being a teacher, never mind an eternal student, would not be on my to do list, EVER.  Sometimes shit happens though.  I digress...

When I did do my own work, I worked hard.  I wanted As.  I wanted to understand.  I wanted to be in the top ten percent.  But I had to work for it.  In the end my undergraduate 3.6 grade point average was just that...average for me.  I could never be #1 at school or eventually at work. 

Fast forward... here I am with an undergraduate degree and 2 graduate degrees. This is because, I have to say that later in my life, I found my niche and love school.  I would go each day, trek into the city and have not a care or a regret in the world about my coursework.  Since I found things I love to learn about and to do, I welcome schooling.  The more educational opportunity the better.  And I get very excited with sharing the wealth of knowledge and getting to apply it to life.

Now here I am-I have won essay awards; I have been selected as project leader; I have excelled in things that I thought I couldn't. 
But yet here I am: upset, heart sunken, fail, passed up again, discouraged, alone. 
How one opportunity can get me this way is unreal. 
So I think's not just this one opportunity.  As one opportunity leads directly to another, just as risk leads to more risk, life to more life.  I will tackle this later...for now by the words of Abraham Lincoln (Happy Birthday btw) “I will prepare and some day my chance will come.”

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