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Monday, June 10, 2013

I am Spartan!

Last weekend was my second Spartan Sprint race.  And I could sit here and detail by detail the 4.4 mile hike, run, walk, wheeze, climb up and down, up and down, up and down, and up and down Tuxedo Ridge Mountain.  But I will not bore you with descriptions of the 25 obstacles that required participants to climb, crawl, drag, carry, pull, and jump through mud, water, rocks and finally fire.  No, I will not.

 However, with the help of my guest bloggers, The Staten Island Killa Beez, I will highlight some motivations, preparation, and experiences.

One obstacle sparked a lot of attention:
The Slippery wall.
After crawling through rocks and mud, you are asked to climb a slippery (clearly) wall that is on an incline.  A short rope was attached to aid you in your slippery climb.  It might appear easyat first glance, and to me it did, but you soon feel, see, smell, and taste possible defeat in this wall.  With restitution of 30 burpees.  Personally, I was not going to be defeated by this wall. 

This seemed to be a challenge for many of us. 
Some climbed. 
Some did burpees.

Here are some details of experience:

"Tried to walk sideways, pulling myself up by the rope, tried not to fall back.  Fail.  Rope burn. Splinters? Hand over hand on the rope, tighter muddy grip, kicking my leg up as far as to go over the wall.  Fail.  Spartans help each other...strangers and friends alike...males and females...Now picture this: A Spartan threesome.
One person behind pushing on the buttocks and one at the top of the other side of the wall.  One long arm grasping for the climber's free arm.  Felt like a split between a superhero action movie and and an epic love story movie where if anyone let go, that climber was doomed, dead, Kaput.  But that climber saw the determination, fear and trust in the person at the top, and heard motivational words of you got this and just a little bit more from behind.  Obstacle accomplished." 

"When I went over the wall after the mud crawl I felt like a wild animal clawing my way over...hanging by a thread...but made it over."

Overall, the race was said to be HOT, muddy, smelly (did they toss horse manure in there?), tough, fun, badass, a band of brotherhood, prideful, and accomplishing.

"I never thought ringing a bell could make me feel so f'n bad ass!"

Us Beez have a variety of things in common.  Our drive, dedication and determination.  TRIPLE D!!  Our high schools.  Our families.  Our kids' schools.  And the fact we like to be prepared, yet, we all prepared for this race a little different than the next.
Some smoked and drank.  Wink Wink. 
And others ran, changed their diet, strength trained, and yes, even did many burpees! 

Whereas some listed motivations as family love, some included the BEEZ!  Others said power, the trifecta medal, ringing a bell, and of course, those bad ass photos! Talking about photos...
I laugh at you Spartans!

This girl is on Fire!
We are Spartans

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