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Monday, June 3, 2013

National Family Play Date Day Fun aboard the Norwegian Breakaway

Play Date-I had mentioned in the last couple of entries-May 10th was the day!  And we were aboard the Norwegian Breakaway! 

When you think of a play date, what comes to mind?  In the old days, it was go to you neighbors house and told your kids "I'll see you at dinner time."  Now it is: I will accompany my child to a stranger's house and I will sit and chat with the mom while the children play together.  But it is never rarely that little man and I have a play date, just him and I.  Well, actually we do play pretend, do obstacle courses, play star wars and power rangers.  But I never make it an appointment on my iPhone.  I never make a point of it.  It just happens-when it can.  Yet everything else I schedule, this is one thing I don't and I should.  It is just important to make that play date with your kid as it is to remember a birthday or go for a mani pedi.  So for now on I vow to make a play date with my man!

However, a scheduled date was made.  On May 10, my family-my sisters, niece, mom, and little man had a play date.  It was National Family Play Date Day, and my niece came up with a scavenger hunt.  Our date was set.  She compiled the list and we were scheduled to run around the boat and locate things like salt and pepper shakers, a picture with a crew person, etc. 
My team, the blue team,  was mom, Allison and me.  Niece's team, the white team, was Dan, Michele, and her. 

You know who we thought was going to win right?

But we were proved wrong!!! 

List in hand and we were off.
We immediately ran up the stairs to get the things on the buffet level, ran back down to the waterfront level to get the remaining things and then back to the room.  Whoever returned first with all things in hand won.

Who do you think we thought was going to win?

Well, the blue team returned first, way ahead of the white team. 

We are accused of cheating but that's subjective because I don't think the rules were clearly stated.  The only rule we heard was you must get all things on the list.  We will leave that challenge for another day but what's fair is fair.  BLUE team won!!!  
Even though we thought the white team would score big!

Check out the Active Family Project for more info on keeping active with the family and locate activities in your area by clicking here!!  Happy Summer Fun!

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