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Monday, August 15, 2011

Negativity and Getting Ahead

Has there ever been a person in your life that makes everything dramatic, stifles your growth, and simply produces a negativity around you? Has that person ever been yourself?

I know that I have had some issues in my life that has formed me into the person that I am today-the good and the bad.  But that's life.  I am sure that at times I can surround myself with negativity from other people and from myself but I need to overcome that negativity and not because somebody told me this (somebody did tell me this).  But I really believe that I need to rid myself of getting anxious in a spilt second like some that come before me.  There are times when getting anxious is like a disease and there are sometimes when it necessitates itself.  For example, the smear on the counter that was not cleaned well enough-disease-whereas making a long term decision that needs careful attention-necessary.  I lean to the disease side more so than the latter but I too will deal with this.
So I ask, what things can be incorporated into my everyday life that can assist me in not getting immediately anxious? And drinking every day is out of the question or that I could lead me to a very slippery slope. So I did ask some people and some people have great ideas. For example, Christine M. from moms coach for life has a wonderful consultation service that works both the body and the mind.  Check her out. Then the idea of Yoga came up, and I did research locations where I could like to go but all the places I find interesting would make me very anxious.  Lol;Yes.  Thinking about how to make time and to make sure my son is taken care of supersedes my Hot Vinyasa Yoga thoughts even though I really want to do it. And once there would I really let all go? Anywho, I found a place in Staten Island that does do this two times a week.  Is this enough? Or should this be a daily ritual? I think it should be a daily occurrence. Which leads me to I wish I lived in New York City.  There is so much opportunity there.
Then someone had spoke to me regarding mindfulness meditation. It's very cost effective since I just have to sit and do nothing so I do not have to find a place to go.  However I would have to find a place to go because my son is like an extension of me, always around. And is it even feasible for me to do this? I need an incentive. 
So for the last week I have tried to move and free my mind in the morning before my daily grind.  I have started to jog, not to win a race, but just to get moving and cleanse my mind. I also went to Atlantic City (another blog entry at a later time) so I decided to rent a bike for 2 days.  That feeling was wonderful and I can't wait to purchase a bike soon.  After jogging and biking and even thinking about other techniques, I think I feel a little less negative.

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