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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not Just Another Blog about Hurricane Irene

I hope that all my East Coast readers are okay after the affects of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene.  I actually got less water in my basement than the last rain storm. But still, I was affected.  I was evacuated from my house and finally was able to turn the water on today as the sewer was overflowing until late last night.  When will the politicians give us the voice we need with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)? James Oddo and James Molinaro need to step up to the plate and protect families across Staten Island! 
Enough ranting about this. 

So, like I said, I was evacuated because I live in Zone A, so we headed out to the other side of Staten Island to stay with my sister.  Can you believe that we were charged $25 per person to stay there.  Food, water, and electricity were extra!  Well, that's what our "welcome sign" said.  We didn't pay up however I think our presence alone there was worth more.

After turning the check valve, closing the trap, and ensuring the fish were fed, we headed out to my sis' house.  I brought tons of snacks and food for Danny and me, and cupcakes from the Little Cupcake Bakeshop so we can share.  Yes sometimes I share the cupcakes.  Side note-I had headed to Bikram Yoga on Saturday before IRENE hit for many reasons, but getting over the Verazzano Bridge for FREE was an added bonus and well worth the cupcake exchange. 
My sis had also bought cupcakes from Crumbs so Saturday night and Sunday afternoon was a cupcake eating gala!  The Peanut Butter & Jelly and Chocolate Chocolate from Little Cupcake Bakeshop won for me.  Followed by the Coconut cupcake from Crumbs. 
We arrived around dinner time on Saturday so my sis' husband started to cook up Turkey Meatballs and Pasta.  For Daniel, they became known as Star Wars meatballs, and they were a hit.  He would have NEVER eaten these if we were home, even if I said they were Star Wars meatballs.  NEVER.  Why is this?  Why is it that he eats when he's not at home????
Daniel and my niece had a great time playing together dress up and Star Wars, and Power Rangers.  It was quite a funny view though regarding the adults.  There we were watching the news since it was the only thing on.  And where was Staten Island in the forecast????  The forgotten borough.  I digress.  We listened and watched for hours.  But not only did we watch TV, we also sat right next to each other on the coaches, at the table, and played with our I Phone or I Pad.  How sad, right?  It was our turn on Words with Friends though; and I needed to check out the Facebook and Twitter updates from my friends.  My brother- in -law called us all out on this-but come on-we might not have electricity in the next few hours-so now was our time to not communicate since that is all  we might be doing in the upcoming hours; maybe days. Lions and Tigers, oh my!
By the end of the evening, we were tired physically and tired of watching the News.  So off to sleep we headed.  The next morning, we woke to no hurricane but warnings of a tropical storm.  Okay so maybe my roof will not fly away this time!  My brother in law cooked breakfast and Danny ate the eggs and white bread.  Again, I am floored.  Sunday we hit the technology again but we did at one point sever our hands away and play dome face to face games.  Uno, Scrabble Slam, and Right Left Center it was!  Daniel played Barbie Dolls (he was Ken); Meg and Dan made cookies; and we watched the Justin Beiber movie.  Okay, side note-I really liked the movie.  Sad but true.  Made me think about Dan's abilities and how he will shape into a handsome and successful young man.  Possibilities are there.  All he needs is an opportunity!
Now it was time for lunch.  you see how I am centered around food.  Always at the core of my life.  I had asked for Salami when my sis was the deli since I really don't love Turkey and do not like ham!  So I had a salami, spinach, mozzarella panini with a side of Fritos! Yummo.  Daniel had peppered turkey rolled.  He had 4 slices.  Another wonderful accomplishment.  I am talking about the peppered turkey with the  red edge filled with hot pepper flakes.  WOW!  And he ate it all in a minute.  Along with the Doritos that I had brought for him.  Some more down time-bathroom breaks and computer time I mean.  And then it was time for dinner.  Dan and Meg made English Muffin Pizzas (EMP).  I said my kid is not going to eat this.  He might make it if we are lucky but he is not going to eat it.  I mean they put cheese, sauce, garlic powder on the English Muffins. He doesn't eat pizza without turning it over and eating the crust alone.  Surprise! He ate one half of the EMP.  Enough said. 
My sis should babysit him more often.  Especially since she gave him 2 baths in less than a 24 hour span. 

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  1. Malliotakis did big things for my block yesterday. DEP was there pumping until 9 pm. Definitely put her on her speed dial!