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Friday, August 19, 2011

Staying Focused

I am writing this blog entry on my 36 and half birthday.  Yes, I celebrate my half birthday, even at 36 years old. Why not?  There will be a time when I probably do not or cannot celebrate.
This week after writing my blog on getting rid of negativity...we were victim to another sewage flood in my home.  That would be the third time in a year and a half.  The home that have I lived in for my last 36 and one half years has been flooded twice in 25 years.  So why so much now.  Oh I can rant for a while on this but basically the New York City Department of Environmental Protection has sewer issues.  They realigned the sewer system but the overflow was never accounted for.  So the overflow flows into our homes. Fun times right?  Having sewage fill your basement, your child's playroom, ruining hot water heaters, furnaces, furniture, personal affects, and washer and dryer for the THIRD time is always a party.  We protected our home with so many gadgets to stop the flow but nothing can hold back the ravaging sewer water from our city.  My claim to the city was denied; my home insurance was cancelled-as a result finally found someone who would cover my home for double the cost minus the flood insurance; and spent a lot of time, effort, and money to fight the cause to no avail.  And here we are again.  We do understand that the DEP and the City has been working on changing the sewer system technology to alleviate the issue at hand-so you ask-why are they not taking responsibility for my claim when they clearly know there is a problem.  Good question!!!!  That's why I am ready to fight.  
You can hear my news coverage from WPIX morning news with Sukanya Krishnan.
I will work on this but I did want to say that my monkey mind (a new term I learned in Yoga-that I will definitely be blogging about) has been somewhat focused due to my jogging and my hot yoga that I am afraid I am going to get addicted to-which could be a problem with handling Danny time.  I too will work on that.
Join me next time for a review of my Yoga travels!  Here is a pic of something that I found cute.

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  1. Me time is so important. I am full of mom guilt every time I go for a run but I know I'll be a better mom and wife if I do it. And afterwards, while I have to "make up" for that time, I still feel better and know it was worth it.