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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Keeping your Eye on the Prize

It's not about the crown...

"After all of this that it’s not about a crown, it’s not about a winner, it’s not about the judges, the clothes, the fleeting fame, the trip to Las Vegas, it’s about love."

              -Mallory Ervin, Miss Kentucky 2009, 4th Runner up at Miss America 2010

It's more about the journey and the passion that carries you through.

The Miss America Pageant took place in January in Las Vegas.  And, in the past I have shared the live experience with my mom.  We travelled to Atlantic City (okay so it's my mom's second home-not much of a travel, but I'm talking about the experience), and when the pageant moved to Vegas, we followed (not too shabby for my mom). 
I was once a part of the organization: As a competitor in Miss Staten Island, Miss Binghamton, and Miss Syracuse; and as a board member of Miss Staten Island and Miss Richmond County.  Now I am a spectator: Who cries sits in awe during the bathing suit and the question portions; and forget about what happens to me when I watch them name the top 3.  Chills, dreams floating by, and cries of achievement, proudness, and the love of competition come over me. Feels like it was just yesterday, right Christine and Kimberly?
Recently I had the pleasure of sharing photos of my pageant days.  The joy overcame me again.  Even though I never achieved the crown, I was runner up. Runner up! In no way will I ever say that it was never enough. And in life if I am never the top, el jefe, the best, The one.

So as to continue on my last post, achievements are great but not achieving yet collecting thoughts from them is as good.  Well, at least that's what I am telling myself.  And it's not just the collection of the thoughts though.  It's the reflection. 

Thought: I might never be "The one." Reflection: I never thought I would be.
Thought: I'll never be on top.  Reflection: Sure I will-in bed.  But really, from the top where can you go, down? Not on my to do list.
Thought: I'll never be the best.  Reflection: I don't need to be the best.  I need be at MY best.

Please think of me during the next 3 months-I aim to achieve. But I know the journeys will be amazing and the experience like no other.

1 comment:

  1. Love it Heather! It's wonderful to reflect back on those competition times and all that we experienced and shared. After all, it's how we met and became friends and my life is that much Richer because of it! No amount of money or a Crown could replace that! oxoxo

    ~Christine Moms Coach for Life