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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


All good things must come to an end-is that how the saying goes? I have issues with this statement and more so issues with endings in general.

Some examples:
Taking down a Christmas tree
Unpacking luggage
Drying the dishes

I have a  hate-hate relationship with unpacking luggage.  I hate it because the act of unpacking my luggage is troublesome and irritating. Tedious at best.  But I really hate it because it means that my vacation has come to an end.   

Taking down the Christmas tree means wrapping every ornament carefully and trying to fit them back in the storage container that they fit in a month before, but now, all of a sudden, they are not fitting back.  So in the end I throw some things away.  It also means a new year is approaching.  A new year with new thoughts.  But how long does that last?  New can only be so new for a short time.  Or is it always new?  The hope of a new year and the wonderful family time that you had before Christmas silently fades.

Drying the dishes.  Hate it.  That's why I have a dishwasher.  But when grandma and Aunt Jay were alive a yummy dinner was prepared and served; and time for clean up usually meant gram would wash and Aunt Jay would dry.  But when my sisters and I were told asked to help them, we would get to choose wash or dry.  I usually chose dry because, first off nobody trusted me to clean, and anyway I really didn't like to get my hands dirty (still don't).  But drying meant you were the last person to be done.  You didn't get to pick out the television show to watch.  You didn't get the seat you wanted on the couch.  You were lonely in the kitchen.  And dinner time was over which meant a new day was going to be upon us soon.

Dying.  Well.  I understand that it is a part of the full cycle of life.  I understand that it is usually a natural progression of a living organism.  May it be a human body or a flower, death just does not become me.  I fear the after life (whatever that may be). I fear that no talking will be involved.  No hugs.  Nobody that I know.  No television shows.  No laughter.  No emotions.  No life.   

Thus I choose to live my life while I can.  In the end, my choice might bring excitement or adversity; loyalty or exclusion; control or chaos.  

Any which way I am bound and ready for limitless endings.  So bring it on!

Ohh. An after end...a good end...usually...but it does mean the end of a good sexual encounter. And onto the next...
Yes, bring it on!

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