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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Have You Ever Found Yourself...

It's been some time since my last blog. I always thought I was technologically savy but apparently I couldn't figure out how to continuing writing this blog since there was a system upgrade.  But thank you to my technical guy!  I finally get to write. 
So much to say, so many things have occurred, so much to look forward to in the coming months without boring you....  Hey Happy Summer!!  So here's a picture to start.

Before I get to the nitty gritty (I'll get to that in the next blogs), here was a thought back in May but never got to finish.  And because I hate starting something and not finishing...

Did you ever notice?

When people:
Refer to everything with the same adjective...
Mine is Interesting.  Why is it that I say that?  Is it because it is interesting? Or is it because I have nothing nice to say?  Or is it the only word I can come up with at this time because the something that is being mentioned is something that I never thought of and need time to take in and evaluate; and then I could have a better discussion about the something that I immediately found "interesting?"
I do hear other people using interesting a lot lately when I talk with them.  I wonder what is actually going through their mind.

I heard this one at work: individual, a professional, calling people "Crazy as a bedbug."  Hmm and the person saying this...well what do you think? Interesting, eh?

I find people saying this a lot: lost my way-mentally and actually got lost on the way to a place.  Yes, haven't we all lost our way at some time or another?  I have many of those moments.  When I'm physically lost, I try to pull up Yelp or a map though.  And when I am mentally losing my way, I take a deep breath and try to smile and hope work to come back.

A new one but used well: Easy Peezy.  Kind of like the Staples easy button.  But more fun to say and well the situations might not all work out to be easy peezy, buy hey, why not believe!  It's always good to have an optimistic human being on your side!!

Until the next time.

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