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Friday, June 22, 2012

Who am I? Well I know who my sister is...

As you might know, at 37 years old I struggle to find myself.  Who I am and where I want to be.  Wait am I really 37?  Yeah, I'm trying to find where those years went. 

Some things I do know:
I'm competitive
I 'm in for a good thrill (double entendre) that rewards me emotionally and physically
I'm smart (double entendre?)
I like admire people
I like to express myself through writing and orally (double entendre)
I love to travel
I worship food
I like to take pictures of myself (see below for an example)

With that said, what am I looking for me to be:
A photographer?
A food critic?
A travel reporter?
A television personality?

Let me be clear, those things would never define me.  What defines me is my passion.  Don't mistake that!! So who I am looking to be will I remain?

A passionate, strong willed, intelligent, want it all for myself and my family, chica.  Got it?  Good.  Can you feel my mood today?

Which leads me to my sister Michele Karlsberg, an amazing and resourceful lesbian woman after her own passions.  Check out and purchase her new writing contribution "The Isle Of Staten" featured in Love, Christopher Street Reflections of New York City.  It is an amazing volume of essays including a work of art by Jewelle Gomez. 

Michele Karlsberg, Pluto, and Victoria Werner
Nos vemos blog coming on double entendres (can you see the foreshadowing?)

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