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Monday, August 6, 2012

Safety comes first-Warning DIRTY pictures ahead

Did you ever have a safe haven or a place with no worries?  A place that you have created or otherwise discovered.  I have had many safe places.  Where I was only delighted to find happy moments, peace, relaxation.

My safe places over the years have included: a person's arms; The Anderson Center at Binghamton University; the towns of Binghamton and Vestal; Fort Lauderdale; Disneyworld; Times Square, the bathroom; and the Miss Staten Island Pageant.  I also found reading, divulging my life story, or singing in the car at the top of my lungs with every emotion I had in me to be a really safe place.  Now- I really don't have that safe zone. 

All the places above are still lovely as a whole.  However each place has supplied with me a situation that went from safe to stressful, and some are not as easily accessible to travel to, well except the bathroom.  The bathroom is my retreat.  Yes.  I read, I relax, I bathe because I do like to get DIRTY!
 So with that said, if you know me, my anxiety level rises just as fast as I drive. I need a safe place.  Recently, exercising, I guess, can be considered my temporary safe place. I do feel secure, alive, and calm when hitting the kettle bells or running.
I rarely sing in the car; can't find much time to read.; and, the divulging actually has made me more stressful.  How dare people know every facet of my life. Thank you Facebook and Twitter.  Now people expect me to answer an open ended question with a full compliment of facts and examples.  I did create that monster.  That used to help me.  Talk to somebody.  Hope that somebody was listening and hope that they would want to share as well. Well, I have learned, thanks to a friend, that it is not necessary to divulge everything.  Less is more.  There are other outlets.

 I guess I will take my temporary safe place  for now but I really need to find that happy place again. 

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