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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Year, New Thoughts 9 nine months later

This past month somebody reminded me of my own 2012 "motto" (shall I say) mantra.  Thanks.  Always good for a reminder here and there.  With that said, it's been nine months of a lot of struggle, reflection, joy, sadness, and decision making madness. 

Somebody texted me last week and said "We plan, God laughs."  I laughed. 
That was an Aha moment.  Why do we plan?  Is it our destiny, God's plan, Karma? I have a logical reason to explain why I can agree with each of the aforementioned.  I just can't decide which one it is truly.  So, I continue to plan.  And God apparently continues to laugh.

I make decisions, right good or wrong bad, yet they are right for me at the time.
I make a decision what to post on Twitter and Facebook. I decide what to blog about.  Not because I fear what people may think about my life or even if they care about my life, but because I can; because I will; because I want.  It comes down to me.  NOOOOOOO.  I know what you are thinking.  Life is not all "Heather's way or the highway."  It's this: I think things through logically, I reason, I toy with different scenarios, AND THEN I decide what to say or do.  I have a center from which I make decisions.  I am a planted individual who thoughtfully does...

I don't expect everyone to agree with, like, or even deal with my thoughts or my actions, however I have to do them because they are what's right for me, and IN TURN makes a better place for those around me.  Some might not agree but a healthy Heather equals healthy relationships, healthy friends, and healthy family. Think about it for yourself?  How does the way you look and feel affect those around you?  I know that when I am emotionally and physically healthy, my lil man reaps the benefits of a strong mother.  
After a summer of thinking about thinking, thinking about how people think of me, it comes down to this:
You invite people into your life, share your life with friends, past and present, and family, be a guest in theirs only as long as they welcome you. If's okay. It's all relevant in time.  We are all guests on this lovely land we call Earth.  Our place is found within.  So look inside yourself and think about it...Life is too short to feel not welcomed. 

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