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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dear Santa...Love a mom surviving Sandy

Dear Santa,

It was great to visit with you this year.  You haven't aged a bit!  I know that you said I could email this letter for quicker delivery so here I go!
This is not an numerated list of my wants for this Christmas. This is not a list that is easy to write.  This is not a list that is like any of your other lists.  This is a list about others.  This is a list for those who have given me and my little man: support, kindness, donations, thoughts.  Much too much to detail in this letter since I know your time is limited.

This Christmas, there are many people who deserve things, wishes, cheers, EVERYTHING!

Many have lost much due to Sandy: family, friends, neighbors, personal belongings, homes, and most of all their spirit.  They need their spirit back to spear head the heavy task of rebuilding.  These people belong on the Nice list.  Oh, btw, a reminder that those, Ahem, not on this list who did not want to help, not that they could not help, deserve nothing; oh wait...they deserve coal; no, they deserve EVERYTHING that they deserve.

In no particular order Santa, here is my Nice list:

1. Stephen Siller Tunnel to the Towers Foundation-money to help support not only Sandy victims but those affected by hardship throughout time.  Their family has been hard hit but they continue to keep going and going and going.  Side note-I hope to make that run to the Towers next year!

2. The Correa's-they need to reestablish their home.  They have the love. They have a house for now but they need their home back. They want to build their home.  Side note-Maybe a third wife for your home?
3. Alpha Phi Eta Zeta Alumni-no words can express the gratitude that I have for these classy ladies.  Forever sisters.  WE need a celebration.  Side note-even through the craziness of rush and the pressures that surrounded us (AKA Heather was a nutty sister) we have survived!!
4. My sisters Michele and Allison-food, shelter, support, donations, legwork, babysitting and all that comes with being older sisters.  Sprinkle a little joy with them. 
5. My mom-lost most of her belongings in her apartment.  She might not realize it now but she needs all the basics.
6.Strangers, friends, friends of friends, family, friends of family-your elves have been watching them I am sure. They need others like them. It takes a village. You know that!
7. Staten Island Killa Beez-they've gutted, given donations, raised awareness, supported, baked, and cheered us on.  They need more time.
8. Guyon Rescue-they've supplied us!  From baby wipes,  food, toothpaste, backpacks, a chat and friendly faces.
9. Sand Lane-they've supplied us!!! Bras, gift cards, cereal, snacks, cleaning supplies, and water.  Side note-far from my Macy's days and bra shopping.
10. My colleagues-they have given me time, offers of food and drink, donations, and support. Side note-sometimes teamwork is an effort but with my team it's all fun!
11. My all time best friend Ann-Marie-rolled up her sleeves (and her pants) and literally swept up the shit in my house! SANTA-listen here-the girl NEVER asks for anything.  She plays with all the cards she has been dealt and never folds.  Treat her well.      
12. My son Daniel.  He has been as patient (and inquisitive) and loving as a 5 year old boy can be. He unloaded supplies in Miller Field, he handed out gifts at Mount Manresa (courtesy of a gift drive by Sandy Clause and Toni Senecal), and he has made due with the things that he has with him.  He hopes to be home soon.  He'll be home soon Santa and you will find my boy who makes A LOT of good choices.

I know that was longer than expected but it could have been longer. 
With love and hope and joy and magic,
Daniel's mommy

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  1. Heather - You are good person, a great friend and an amazing mother. Thank you for being part of our lives. xox - The Correa Family