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Monday, March 4, 2013

Mulling over first Monday in March

It's usually after a successful weekend which brings a Monday full of thoughts.  I refuse, however, to boggle my mind.  I said in my New Years post that I will not question, I will have fun, enjoy those around me, and will not stress, so I will just roll with it and here I am...rolling. 

Can you imagine it's March? I did need to look at my list of things to do this year just to ensure that I was aligned with what I had stated. 

So let's say I am on track ...

I have some kind of normalcy back post Sandy and post a crappy year where I have found myself moving, but not obsessing.  Have tried to make two meals a week and one new one for little man to try.  Try, not necessarily like, but try... And I have tried to become more aware of what and how much I am eating.  So I have tried to clarify my food habits and it seems that I am on track.

I signed up for a writing course and I look forward to taking that to fruition. I also have been able to read a little bit more and take some time to watch some movies. 

And my experiences with little man require a lot of energy and a lot of communication.  I have tried to do what I planned with him yet some days we get derailed but this little man is one creative and loving child.

 I am so happy he chose me as his mom.
And I am so happy to meet the challenges that come at me, making me who I am.

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