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Friday, March 8, 2013

H8 2 W8 when waiting will not make...

Ironic how this blog post has been in draft form for a while now.  How dare I not complete this thought and make it wait for me to come together!

It seems that we are always waiting for something...something to happen, something to arrive; something to go away; And for someone...someone to appear, someone to come along, someone to do their job so I can complete my job,  someone to show us something.  You get the point, right?
So on my way to work, driving up the hill, I saw a car coming towards me, driving down the hill, with the vanity license plate H8 2 W8 and eureka...don't we all???

Well, I do.  I do hate waiting when there is no outcome in sight.  I hate waiting for something that I just might be able to make happen by taking the bull by its horns.   Yet I hate waiting in line, however knowing that something will come out of it, like purchasing food, a toy, or maybe something special for me lessens the sting a little. 

Waiting for someone who is late-never makes me a happy camper.  Waiting to hear for results- nerve raking.  Waiting for an opportunity-instead of making an opportunity-stupidity.   Waiting for someone to come into my life and make everything better-NOOOO! Through Hurricane Sandy’s refocus (yes I have no other word for it-well I do-BITCH), I called everything a waiting came.  But I never just waited.  I called, I showed up, I posted, over and over and over again until I got what I needed.  Needless to say, I am still waiting, but not by simply sitting there.  I am an active waiter I will say. 

Yes, an active waiter, like an active rest (oxymoron) when working out.

But let’s get back to opportunity and people in your life.  Out of dreams come opportunity.  I have many dreams, as I am sure, and hope, that you do.  Dream big, no, dream bigger, is my stance.  This makes me believe that my opportunities, all opportunities, seem  reachable.  They are reachable.  I never find myself waiting for an opportunity to come along.  I search them out. I apply for them.  I get passed up.  I go after it again and again and again.  The fact that I get passed up doesn’t kick me to the ground.  Yes, sure it hurts and frustrates me.  But hopefully it gives me a better understanding of how to achieve it the next time around.  Or if not this opportunity, another opportunity that fits me. 

And I would hope for every opportunity I seek out that there is someone behind me:  To support me; pick up my slack; be happy for me, even join me.  And when I say join me, I am not setting my ideologies on others, no I express them but I don't expect anyone or everyone to accept them; I would just like for someone to see opportunities for what they are.  I would hope that someone would not belittle my dreams and my drive for opportunity. 

I will hope and dream,  provide and accept opportunities, but will not wait for something or someone that will not be... 

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