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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Springing back from...

It's been almost a month since I have written???  Oh my.  And boy have I needed to write.  Maybe that's why I am locked in a mood.  But it's a new month.  And this too shall pass...

So...since my injury-that I can't explain-but finally am taking the time to care for it, I haven't worked out. GASP.  OH NO.  WTF?
Yes, working out really lifts those endorphins to a new level.

I passed up an interview calling...we will say.  I could be mad, upset, hurt, disappointed, frustrated.
Like I have said, opportunities don't just knock at your door.  You need to take every moment as an opportunity.  Every post on facebook, twitter, every sicker, laugh, slip of the tongue.  You can find opportunity in ANYTHING!

You just need not be disappointed if those opportunities do not work out. I repeat...Don't be discouraged...

And if you make something happen but something/someone undoes it, and it takes you double the time to make it happen again, don't be disappointed.  Be persistent.  Voice the vermin...

Installation went up in the house...nice start to Springing back from Sandy!

Hope everyone's holiday was pleasant and Welcome Spring!!!!!!!!!!  Kind of.

So the position of Staten Island Borough President is open...hmmm..who's behind me? 

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