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Thursday, May 9, 2013

You make me feel like I'm the only girl in this world...but I know I am not

I usually just start to write my blog entry on the computer...but this week I went old school.  Pen to the paper!!  But here is the final product.

This week has been very eventful, literally CHOCK FULL OF EVENTS!

Friday: Went to a basket auction at little man's school where my best friend is a teacher-awesome teacher BTW Happy Teacher Appreciation Week-a great way to hang out kid less while benefitting the kiddies.  We were able to enjoy libations and laughs.  I didn't win anything but that didn't matter, much.  I would've liked to win the outside garbage pail and the grill.  How mundane? Well, since Hurricane Sandy took those away in the raging waters I aimed high! 

Saturday: Woke up early, after a late-midnight-night and went to train OCR (obstacle course race) style with my team.  Yes, my injury did not allow me to do it all, but I gave it my all.  Great to see some new members, one who is "family, " and a lovely new lady Bee, who is as funny as me.  Well not really as much as me.  But close.  Then a trip to the cemetery to take care of grandma's plot.  It'll be five years that she has left us, and I miss her each and every day.  Growing up in a house full of women, she was our rock.  She would've loved my little silly boy, as she only was able to enjoy his first year of life.  And he would've enjoyed running downstairs to escape from mommy.  A nice retreat to eat all the goodies she had to offer.  I have to say though, the woman lived a fulfilling life, and if September 11th didn't kill her, Hurricane Sandy would have.  Better for her to have passed peacefully where she wanted to.  Her life lives on in that house!
After the cemetery, a communion celebration was on tap.  The service was very good, a very nice church family and the party was even better.  I always find it enjoyable where friends are invited into everything like they are a part of the family.  And in this case, Jen's family just did that!  Her family is funny, caring, and full of energy!!  Onward to some good eats and drinks and some leisure walking over Cinco de Mayo weekend.  Just wished it was a little warmer so I could've enjoyed the breezes coming off the water. 
2nd Master's degree Ceremony Gram and Dan always with me

Monday: Work...blah blah blah... Then I was invited by Jen to a special blogger event sponsored by Merck and She Speaks.  A wonderful time to talk about the Active Family Project.  This is not the blog entry that I will dedicate to detail the event as it deserves its own.  But a quick note: NATIONAL FAMILY PLAYDATE IS MAY 11th!!  DO IT and make a date with your family!  I am...while cruising for Mother's day Courtesy of the Katie Show celebrating Sandy Moms-another blog entry worthy of more deatil.  Then picked up little man, played hide and seek in the park, drove to Toys R Us for a birthday present, ate at the Chinese buffet-don't judge me-drove to Shoprite for some necessaties, and then drove back home to finish homework, bathe and SLEEP!!!  What father can do all this in one day??? Another aspect of the blog entry related to the Active Family Project.
Elizabeth Hasselback and me
This is one long post...but I live one interesting life...REALLY? No!!!

Tuesday: Meeting in the City, oh Bloomingdales and Dylan's Candy you are calling my name.  Oh wait, is that a call from the school nurse coming in?  Why yes.  Little man needs to get picked up!
Raced home to get him yet some short hours later he was feeling much better, even though I did get blamed for his illness.  This happens. 
Dan: Mom, my tummy hurt, you gave me too many Cheeze Its
Me: Well why did you eat them all? 
Dan: You didn't tell me not to eat them all. 
Jeesh.  Gotta love this kid!  Well since he was feeling well, a date with the best friend and a sleep over with grandma later...Off to Rihanna we went.  A great show and my first at Barclay's Center.  We were shining bright like diamonds once we were dancing to some great hits.  Say my name, say my name...Stay...
Wednesday: RAIN....UMBREL-LA-LA-LA!...Flooding...Meeting...oh please don't flood my home.  A birthday party with Dan's friend from school-also known as his brother-oh and his "wife."

The Three Amigos
It's Thursday..maybe baseball will be cancelled...since it's RAINING again!
And tomorrow is Friday!  Aren't you glad...for SO many reasons-yes blog entry almost over.
For me Friday brings a Mother's Day cruise to NOWHERE!!! Yes, the "Karlsberg" women and Meggy Meg and little man aboard the Norewigan Breakaway.  Brand new ship!!! I am sure it will be a Mother's day not to forget. 

Bon Voyage and Happy Mother's Day to all of you-women and men alike.

Mom and Gram, oh and me & Joann in the background.

New Year's Eve Dec 31, 2007 Gram, Dan, and me

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