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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Have you been checking that engine said the challenge...

I feel like I had to do a self check-no, not breast exam, but yes CALL for MAMMO!!  Note to self.

A check in on my "To do" list for this near year where I am letting go and opening up...Say goodbye to rigidness! A check in on my engine.  Oh I traded that 8 year old engine in...Escapes... list...
  • Exercise Move regularly-no number on that-don't want to pigeon hole myself.  I love working out but I NEED to remember it's about the quality not quantity.  And I don't want to overwhelm my life with HAVING to do it because I didn't do it yesterday.  This could include running, kettlebells, horseback riding, walking, jumping rope, bowling etc.
I have learned in the past 5 months that I need not plan.  I need not freak out when I feel like I haven't moved in days.  I need not.  I just must do.  So take up a friend on a 5:15 AM or a 6:30 PM run.  Or take a 6AM Spin class in NYC and travel back to Staten Island to work.  Due to an injury, boot camp and working out with my lovely ladies has been put on hold.  But this to shall pass as long as I take care of it.  Take care of me.  And that is what I am doing.  So I feel pretty secure that I am ROCKING this!  Moving and shaking! 
  • Have fun.  I need to stop thinking so much and take control of having fun.
I think I have been doing this too.  Not worrying about how to have fun-just having it.  And fun is such a subjective word.  My fun just might not be your cup of fun but when I am not complaining or stressing, I am having fun.  Whether it be an i message exchange, a facebook challenge, a run, a book, singing to the radio, and my new fancy access to Sirius XM. OMG I call that fun, thank you new car!  And just to be around me, how can that NOT be fun!!!
  • Don't stress.  I am me.  I am whatever I tend to be.  I need to take control of over analyzing and thinking far into the future.  Jenny McCarthy has a blog for the Sun Times and wrote a great entry this week that hit home regarding the importance of the moment. 
I am not stressing.  I AM NOT!!!  I am a driver.  I am always going to be a force to reckon with but I am not stressing! Much.

  • Take on Complete a half marathon.  I really want to do one in Disneyworld...But I'll consider other favorites.
I signed up.  Step 1!!!!

  • Pray with little man more.  We started doing this again.  We need to do this more.  Routine, love, thinking of others.
Done.  Can't wait for him to learn about God.  Maye he'll teach me a thing or two.

  • Have fun with little man more.  Consistency yes but don't need to be so strict with NEEDING to do one thing or another. 
Done.  Not stressing (see a trend here) about always being a day full of activities.  What's better than playing evil life guard, Hansel and Gretel, banging the drums, playing at the park,  and dancing around from 7:30 AM until 8:00 PM???
  • Help my son find his talents.  He has one or maybe more...but what will they be?  He is a good reader and an excellent story teller.
This is an every day accomplishment!
  • Walk away more from little man.  No, I would never leave my son alone.  However, my friends might understand that I am a helicopter mom. In everything he does, I am a helicopter mom.  I need to step back and let him grow and make decisions on his own sometimes. 
He even asks me to walk away.  Not sure if it's he wants to play hide and seek (yes, that happens in the middle of homework) but he does it because he wants to show me he can do it!  On his own. 
  • Make more dinners or maybe lunches.  YES I DO COOK!!!! Not often yes, a working mom and a picky eater as a excuse.  But no more excuses.
Doing it!!! And I love it.  What's better than the crockpot that my mom won for me!  What's better than healthy recipes supplied by friends.  What's better than a home cooked meal?  Okay, filet mignon at a steak joint; Mexican food...
  • Enjoy those around me.  Don't question intentions.  Don't question their acts. Just enjoy them and what they can give to me.
I am trying.  Sometimes I think too much.  Yes, I know.  But what is important, is that I am trying.
  • De clutter.  From so much.  I need to hone this one.
I now throw out receipts and cereal from years past.  I call that a start.
  • Become more literate.  About so much.  I need to think and do for me and little man.
Work in progress.
  • Be aware of what and how much I eat.  Cause we all know good food comes in abundance!
I am.  Except the last two days when the ice cream and cookies kept jumping in my mouth!
  • Read more.  So much technology and access to great books.
Yes, working on this.  During my down time.
  • See more movies. Why not?
Been doing this too.  Mindless entertainment. 
  • Challenge myself!  And know my best is good enough!!!!!!!
Challenge, what challenge???

I think I might be the challenge, and that's why you are my friend, and keep coming to visit me.

Happy May day!
Oh and a shout out to Matty-he is five years old on this first day of May!!!  He better start reading my blog.
Who's ready for Mother's Day?

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  1. As a real friend friend, I can cosign that you have been doing so many of these things. Kudos. By the way, that friend is very grateful that you take her up on 5:15am/6:30pm runs :) xo