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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Breakaway from these chains..Sail away from your mind...

Okay so last blog entry was a little off.  It really wasn't my voice.  Well it was...but I was told that I sounded like a snooty food critic.  Wait, I'm not a food critic???  I think my humor really didn't come through, as the time on board the Norwegian Breakaway was awesome, just some flaws...we all have flaws and don't we LOVE to hear about them so we can improve?  That's how I roll...

I also think my entry could have been off because I have not been feeling well.  I don't get it...I eat healthy...for the most part...I sleep 7-8 hours a night...well I put my head to the pillow at 8:30 PM and wake up at 5:30 AM, and then there are those nasty creatures that wake me up during the night...dreams...thoughts...birds!  And I exercise...Why don't I feel like the 22 year old I am?  Oh wait, that's Taylor Swift's new song, not my age.  Crap!  Okay why don't I feel like the beautiful, energized, outgoing 30 something woman I am??? I need to call that doctor for the enlarged lymph node, and and that mammogram too.  Thanks to the peeps for reminding me. 

Anywho, let me try to get my tone right for this next "review." 
If you asked little man how this cruise was-he would say AMAZING!! And when are we going again?  Oh wait, he did say that..."So, we are coming back in July mom?"  Yikes...

So here in a nut shell, or a clam shell-Spongebob and friends are on board, get it?- are the remaining features of the ship that I would like to highlight. 
Dan the man asks: "How are they surviving up here?" Smart kid...

Pool/Water Area-2 pools-1 family 1 adult.  I preferred the family one...SMOKE was surrounding the adults only area.  Bar included. Yes, I HATE smoke.  I love adults, and especially when I am on a trip with no kids, I really like adults.  But the pool is small with barely any room to sun.  Yes, my favorite thing at the pool!  So my next trip I need to upgrade to the Haven or something!  The water area for kids was awesome.  Water but not too much water.  Dan hates to have water spilled over his head but he loved it here!  And the slides.  I was way too scared to go on the freefall.  Maybe next trip...But little man was tall enough to go on the "blue" slide and he loved it.   He would have gone on more times but so much to do in so little time.  

Sports Deck- My niece played some basketball here and loved it.  We also played miniature golf.  It was fun.  As fun as miniature golf could be.  Can you hear the sarcasm?  But it was nice hitting golf balls as we passed the Statue of Liberty.  Rock Climbing-little man, myself, and my niece all attempted.  None of us made it to the top but I swear I went the furthest up!  I am a bad ass with my Spartan Race self, and Tough Mudder electricity, okay not yet, but daunting is the best word to describe the feeling when I looked down around me and saw the open waters as I was reaching for the bell. Next time, I do it better!!  Then there was the rope course which we did not get to do, again, it was the weather and the fitting so much into so little time.  It did look like fun though.  Next time.  Yes! 

Entertainment-We sat in on the dueling pianos which I always love because I am a singer!!  Yep, I am the one screaming out Brown Eyed Girl or Sweet Caroline at any bar or party and here was no different.  Both of the entertainers kept up the jokes and had a great flair about them. We went twice. 

Then we saw Rock of Ages and Cirque du Soleil "Jungle Fantasy."  Rock of Ages was just as good as the Broadway performance I saw and the theatre was very nice.  Seemed smaller than others but great viewing.  Cirque was very awesome according to little man.  There was a full 3 course meal given there and I hear it was yummy.  I actually didn't attend.  i decided to take a trip to the gym.

The Gym-Spin room!  So sad I didn't sign up for FlyWheel but the bikes looked amazing.  Maybe on my next trip.  Did some cardio and there were a lot of machines.  Much more in comparison to other ships I have been on.  And I did an ab class which was also great.  Instructor was very knowledgeable and kept us going for 4 rounds...
Kid's Club-what's there not to love.  It was clean, safe, friendly and inviting and Dan wanted to stay there all the time!  But since it was a short trip, it was only short trips that I allowed.  This was our time to experience a boat.  But it did give us the opportunity to do "adult" things in the evening.  He loved it!

Drinks-They were FREEEEEEE!!!! What can I say?  However they did run out of lime so I couldn't get a mojito at one bar.  Thought that was weird.  But hey I opted for a chocolate martini instead...the things you have to do!  Ice Bar-Usually fro $20 you get two drinks and 30 minutes to chill.  Literally chill..  And kids are allowed in too.  They get soda.  What a fun thing to do in a half hour.  Short and sweet...and cold!

Casino-SMOKEY!  Great machines and tables!! I love me some roulette!  But did I say SMOKEY????? those carpets are going to be destroyed by July! 

Oh well, stairs and elevators worked well.  Public bathrooms clean.  A good time by all.  Can't wait to sail away to Bermuda.

Hey mom-are we upgrading to the Haven??

Next blog entry will be about our Family Play date for National Family Play date day, May 10! We had fun...did you???

Blue Team is #1 even though the White team might disagree!

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