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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Umami, Chobani, It's August oh my!

I always liked putting pen to the paper.  However when I am at a desk and have access to a computer AND have TONS of thoughts flowing though my head, I like to put my fingers to the keyboard.  

However this has not worked for me for the last month!  I have been trying to complete a blog entry right sincebefore we jumped into August.  I now have so much to say that I have to put pen to the paper and then try to figure out how to work with my technical difficulties!!!
Anywho….so where was I a month ago???

Yes, here I was:
Chobani- I am loving Chobani Soho! I actually have been opting for yogurt instead of ice cream this summer.  Sorry Cool Haus.  I have tried many of their concoctions and as long as it has nuts in it, I am totally fine with it.  What can be better than walnuts and figs, pistachios and chocolate, peaches and almonds, peanut butter and jelly????  
Umami Burger-I arrived to Umamni on their grand opening unbeknownst to me.  But why was there a line outside of this joint so early?  And why were there plenty of empty tables inside the joint? And why was I putting my name on a wait list?  And why did I actually wait 15 minutes?  With that said…Ordered were the Original Umami burger and the Hatch burger with sides of truffle cheese fries, and fried pickles.  
The burgers looked picture perfect!  The waitress suggested that it should be served as medium rare-I was a happy camper.  I love rare burgers so for me it worked but I can see how many others will object.  The burger, rare on the inside, had a wonderful crisp on the outside which helped keep it together as I demolished it in my mouth.  The Hatch was amazing.  It was flavorful and just the right amount of spicy.  The original was still good, but not as flavorful as the other.  Even though the Umami Ketchup was on the original, it needed something more.  Service was good, attentive, and knowledgeable, but with the people being staggered in slowly I wonder if it were TRULY busy….
Cronut-How would you like to lose 9 hours of your life?  Not in New York.  The people you hang with early in the AM and the crazy people you meet in the cronut line makes you feel like you really haven’t wasted time, just gained time in tolerance and endurance.  Yeah-I call it preparing for my future Big Brother stint or a Spartan race…Anywho…last month I was very close to getting a Blackberry Lime cronut but 15 people in front of me were lucky to get the last of the cronuts.  Finally returning on a rainy day, I was able to score 2 cronuts! Coconut was the flavor of the month.  The cronut texture was, I could say a donut and croissant, but it was more like a pastry like that of a danish and crème puff.  It was good.  Don’t get me wrong.  Not amazing.  The waits were fun but I wish I got that blackberry lime.  I am thinking that the fruity filling would have been a better match for my tastebuds and tired legs!

So all in all-my food odysseys were complete and fulfilling in their own right.  Onto the next burger and dessert!

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