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Friday, September 13, 2013

Plane or Cruise...Either way I'm a Part Time Traveler!

In the past, I have been ready to jump on a plane and go.  But since I have been cruising lately, I am finding it more difficult to do anything but cruise.  And don’t mistake me for never going to fly again.  I have trips planned but cruising is just convenient, more cost effective, and the party starts sooner.  I had mentioned that I was fortunate to receive a free two day cruise by the Katie Couric Show for Hurricane Sandy moms. I gave two reviews on my brief yet fully loaded cruise on the Breakaway.  Since then, I decided to travel to Bermuda on their seven day cruise.
I boarded with intentions of hitting the slides, ropes course, the 80s party, spin class, and the ice bar.  All but one accomplished.  But I am returning in December!
Long story short about our room:  Originally in 5800, ocean view changed 3 days later at 1AM to 5124, family suite ocean view.  Original room is right below the restaurant Taste and its galley.  Combine that with a vibrating floor and it was time to move.  Second room was fine.  Had two sinks in the bathroom, a bathtub and a couch.  It did also have very little room to pass the bed so getting our luggage from one side of the room to the other was a job for Hercules, also known as me.  
Restaurants: Service was spotty. With all these guests aboard, 4500, you would think that there would be enough staff to service the passengers’ needs.  But it just wasn’t adequate.  Servers were not always wearing a smile, and not always pleasing to the passengers’ requests.  We had one, yes one, server that hustled.  She was all over the place in a good way.  She was no joke when paying attention to her tables.  I have to say that the food was on point.  Always great choices in the three free “dining rooms.”  Usually there was not a wait to get in, except one night when the wait about 25 minutes but this was because it was later in the evening. We missed out on the lobster night in the buffet and we had one exceptionally bad situation inO’Sheenans.  
We boarded, and since O’Sheenans was open for lunch as announced as we boarded, we rushed there.  Sat down where about 6 other tables were seated.  We ordered tuna sandwich, bacon cheeseburger, mozzarella sticks, spinach dip, and chicken pot pie.  We also asked for water with lemon 5 times.  Waiter took 5 times of us asking and about a half hour later we got the water and lemon.  We then ordered our appetizers.  Okay.  Then mom ordered tuna.  Sorry no tuna yet.  
Hmmm.  Okay, how about the bacon cheeseburger.  Fine.  Out came the burger…simply a plain burnt rubbery hamburger on a bun.  That’s it.  Nothing else.  Hmmm…I thought it was a bacon cheeseburger.  The waiter then said we don’t have all our food on board yet.  So no tomatoes, at least to make this somewhat juicy?  Nope.  Lettuce.  Nope.
Anything? Finally he brought mayonnaise.  Hmmmm.  No.  My mom was so hungry that she had to take some bites.  Disgusting. We then walked up to the buffet as they had no desserts either!  And there we found, juicy burgers, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes.  All the fixings.   
But in O’Sheenans 7 decks down nothing.  Unacceptable.  We did report it to the Asst. Maitre D who “apologized,” but they just don’t get their food products from a supermarket.  Not sure how this was good customer service or even an excuse, but it was unacceptable for us and many others who dined there that afternoon.  We never returned for dinner or lunch as we were very turned off.  Sad because I hear the tuna and brownie are delish.
Before we had our lunch…we did sign up for Vibe Beach Club.  The best choice for us!!!  For a small price for the week, we did not have to save chairs by the pool at 5AM, endure smoke, fight for room in the hot tubs, and sit at a crowded bar.  Nope.  We had access to a private area, 2 decks above the pool, where we were guaranteed a lounge chair, a padded one at that; 2 hot tubs, a private bar, fruit served to us, wash clothes, wonderful people and pizza deliveries each afternoon!  So no there was no pool.  But that is okay.  We had the ocean!  The only thing I missed about the pool was the silly games that were played.  Other than that, this was the perfect Vibe for us!!
Flywheel Spin Class: At first I was turned off due to the competition level that they tout but I signed up anyway because I need to exercise and I have a fondness for spinning.   And guess what?  I loved the class!!!  I loved hitting those pedals hard. I wanted more.  I never achieved first place but I always exceeded my points, and maintained in the top 3.  I hope to hit Flywheel up in Manhattan so I can see how I fare with the City folk!  
All in all, a great vacation with my mommy! And to the Bahamas we go in December.  

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