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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DisneyWorld Making Memmories

My son is not quite 4 years old and has been to Disney World five times.  And before he was born, I had made it there 5 times in my lifetime.  And one trip to Disneyland where his dad found out he was going to be a daddy.

We usually go to Disney for a Spring and fall trip.  This time was our first during Memorial Day weekend and Star Wars weekend to boot!  And boy was it busy. The lines were the longest I had ever waited on but well worth it, except Peter Pan.  Why do you have to wait for an hour for Peter Pan?  Really not the highlight of my trip.  And waiting on Winnie the Pooh for 40 minutes holding a sleeping baby-worth the wait since when he woke up when we got to the front of the line, he was the happiest!  But he did miss the new line cue which was fun and kept the little peoples minds' off of the wait.  Next time, I'll make sure he gets to play.
We only went to the parks 2 days out of our 6 day trip.  And we defeated three parks in one day!! This allowed us to take in the warmth and sun and relaxation. 
We stay on Disney grounds, this time at Pop Century, because of many reasons.  It is cost efficient.  You get transportation to and from the airport.  You get extra magic hours where you can get into the parks early and leave later than the regular park hours.  The Disney internal bus system and monorail system and ferry system.  The pool and resort accommodations.  The Disney magic all the time.

I have also stayed at Caribbean Beach Resort, a moderate resort, which was a bargain.  However last time I was in Disney the magic was lost due to a bad choice on the hubby's part.  Which has led me into the status of estranged wife.  Which has lead me further into a destructive marriage.  But onward to Disney 7 months later.  Even though the flashbacks at the parks and in the airport were present, good times were needed.  So after a stressful first night with a overtired non-eating child, I decided to claim the motto "Keep Calm and Carry On." And so I did, with the help of some drinks when I felt a nice moment turning into a horrible moment.
Since we go to Disney more often than the normal person, everyone always has something to say: it's not going to be special for Daniel; you'll get tired of the rides; you can go to an island for the amount you spend on Disney.  And to this, I respond:
-It'll always be special for him.  Every time he goes, he remembers what we did the last time and looks toward new things available.  This time, for example, he got to fight Darth Vader.  What's cooler than that.  Thanks to be great planning, we got to the park extra early and was able to sign up for Jedi Training Academy!  He was trained for the Jedi Master and then got to defeat Darth Vader.  He was super excited and told everyone that he fought and won against him! And his first ride on mommy's favorite Tower of Terror. 
-We never get tired of the rides.  He still loves the Buzz ride at Magic Kingdom , even after 4 consecutive rides.  We still love It's a Small World, even after 3 consecutive rides. And I can ride Tower of Terror a billion times!
-I am a pretty savy saver so Disney on a budget less than or equal to an island is fine for me.  I eat, drink, play, and RELAX for a very good price. And really, what kid wants to sit in the beating sun for 7 days straight. 

And anyway, we have Bermuda coming up soon!  And right after that, a return trip to Disney with Grandma for Mickey's not So Scary Halloween Party.  I have already reserved my dining experiences and am working on a deal for the hotel and air! 

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