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Monday, April 29, 2013

Challenges-What Challenges?

This week was a productive one to say the least.  We ran for Boston in Clove Lake as a Staten Island community.  Some amazing people.  But I have been saying that forever, and especially, 6 months after Sandy I think we all believe that!

Then came some motivational running with the ladies.  Thank God for them!  A weekday night, after work, provided a run with Tara and Jen.  And what better way to pass the time but talk about guacamole, cupcakes and penis! And another example, on a slightly rainy morning at 5AM, I could have slept for another hour or so but, no, I told Jen that I would run with her!  And I wasn't the one who was going to cancel that running date!  And I am sure we both didn't cancel because we knew we were there for each other.  Just like our 5AM trip to the city on a Friday morning to take Spin at Revolve! So worth the sweat!

Then the team came together to take on a challenge this weekend.  And we conquered all around! And then we celebrated. 

And baseball season has started...little man is a cutie and he'll always be Dan my baseball man...but you have to love him picking flowers for mommy during his outfield position. He needs some obstacle course race training!

This week I was able to have mommy "mind and body" time and was able to experience the Danny extra-curricular activities.  I call that success!

The best part about challenges are they are not a challenge until you make it one.

Who's ready for Cinco De Mayo?? 

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