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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Big Brother 13 Casting

About 6 years ago I left a bridal shower early so I can attend the Big Brother 6 open casting call. In preparation, I took some lovely snapshots of myself and picked out a great outfit to show off my assets. Well something worked because I was called back for the semi finals. I was a newlywed and had a great backstory and wasn't too bad on the eyes to boot. But I never did get that call back for the finals in LA.
Here we are in 2011 and it's Big Brother 13 and I am ready again. I've got the story, the drive, and yeah even at 36, the looks. So I headed out this morning, after 3 wardrobe changes,to the City. I brought my 12 page application, 2 snapshots that really did me no justice and a bag full of crap that I thought I would need to keep me occupied. However I found myself waiting outside on line for 2 hours on this crappy spring day in the City. Thank God for my pink boots, my manly black gloves, my Victoria Secret hat and some warmth found in conversation and a huddle.
Finally inside and it was my turn to show them who I was. If any of you might know or remember, I did a comedic monologue called "2 minutes" when I competed in Miss Staten Island, and that's exactly what I felt here. I had no more than 2 minutes to show them me! And I believe that in 2 minutes you can find out a great deal about a person and make a judgement call. And I was hoping that they would love me or love to hate me in those 2 minutes.
They first asked my name and where I was from and with that they said "you don't talk like your from Staten Island.". I said that's because I went upstate to college and have a weird mixture of accents but Staten Island will prevail. Next question " what differentiates you from others?". My DNA? No really, I tend to lead others without the authoritarian attitude. Also I change my ways to fit into the situation and I am like a dimmer light switch where I can gradually change my mood and actions when necessary. With that the casting director replied while clapping "clap on clap off." Sure truth be told I do turn that fast. Last they checked out my tattoos. "Tell me the significance behind them?". And so I did.
I think it went well and I'm afraid to see what happens next but I am ready to expect the unexpected!

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