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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why is it so Difficult?

Since my last blog, I have completed the Cooler Cleanse; haven't drank much coffee, and repeatedly have asked myself why is it so difficult?  So today, I believe is a ranting day and please join me!

Why is it so difficult:
To answer a simple question without answering the question. Example: Question-What are you doing on Sunday? Answer-Well, Saturday, I have to bring my child to karate, then she'll come home and eat lunch and rest, after that she needs to do some reading, and then she is going to a play and sleeping out but Sunday needs to be home by church time.

I ask-where was the real answer?

Why is it so difficult:
To remember both sneakers for the gym?  I try to get my workout done during my lunch.  I bring in my clothes, my socks, my Blackberry because I am on lunch, and one sneaker so I decide that I am still going to work out.  I never give up.  And there I am on the track running with my Coach sequined flats. 

That is, until after 8 laps one shoe decides to fly off my foot in the air.

Why is it so difficult:
To multitask? Question-Can you babysit next week?  Answer-No, I have to go to the bank.
REALLY???????????  One can't babysit a well behaved boy AND go to the bank?  Is she going to rob it?

Why is it so difficult:
To visit your mom. 
Another no brainer.

Why is it so difficult:

I can go on with this, and I am sure you can too.  So leave me a comment with your "Why is it so Difficult?"

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