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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When are you too old?

Last month I went away with my best friend, her sister and her best friend.  We are clearly all over the ripe age of 30 and annually spend an overnight trip out with girls only.  So we leave behind our kids, our husbands/boyfriends and our "real" lives. 
This year we headed to Atlantic City and stayed at the Borgata.  The girls were going to see David Guetta and I was going for the yummy dinner and drinks and gambling, and maybe mingling with hot rich men? Okay, so all of that really did not happen because we had a kink in the road.  A boyfriend showed up!!!
How dare him come to AC to see David Guetta in the Borgata????  And this was the beginning of the drama filled evening that I missed half of because I met up with an old family friend, aka, hot older man, not rich, and married.  Oh he was there was his wifey.  But we enjoyed ourselves.

Anywho, once we ran into the boyfriend, we immediately ran up to the room to disclose the fact to the girlfriend and can you imagine, she really didn't seem too surprised.  Oh I should I tell you that this relationship is on and off again and HE is a creep and SHE is beautiful, intelligent and knows how to have a good time.  Well, this was already after we ate at Wolfgang's and drank many yummy drinks plus champagne.  A recipe for danger!!!

We then went downstairs to go our separate ways.  They waited on line to get into their "concert," and I left to go gamble and meet up with the old friend.  Funny it is that I am usually the party pooper and want to go in by 12AM.  But drinks really help.  And learning how to drink to get drunk and then maintain that slight drunkenness is KEY to a good night for me.  But this time, I actually arrived back to the room after the girls returned.  How was that????

Well I learned that Drama unfolded into the night.  Why is it that men, horrible men, always create an environment that was meant to be fun and exciting into a hot mess of a night?  Unlike them, I had a great night.  The next morning however was a little tough on my body.

Now, I love the Borgata; I love their spa and pool; I love the pretty people; and I love the vibe.  So I decided, early in the morning, to head to the hot tub and pool.  Wow, with my head pounding and my walk a stagger at best I ended up in the hot tub.  Will the hot tub remove all theses toxins?  No, so I jumped into the pool hoping it would revive my Cooler Cleansed body.  Not so much.  I needed food!!!!!  Finally the girls awoke and I met them to eat.  Can we say, SHE had a blackout from the night before but the stories I heard kept me laughing.  The girls, besides her, did get to enjoy 45 minutes of David Guetta but would have liked to go into the morning fist pumping.  Overall, a successful evening, for me!

But when is it time to ask when are you too old to party like a 21 year old?

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