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Friday, April 22, 2011

Some Things You Just Can't Tell People

You might know somebody like me.  Or maybe it's you.  I tend to have no filter when speaking with people.
You would think that there should be some on/off switch, but my filter has no limit.

My facial expressions-same idea.  I give it all away in my face. 
In college, I was nicknamed "blunt" for a short while until I realized that could go in a bad direction.  So for sorority life, I became "Frank." I loved the name, but wow, what did I say to those people to earn such a name?  ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

What is appropriate to say to a co-worker during a meeting?
What is appropriate to say to a good looking and smart co-worker?
When is it appropriate to tell your best friend that I need some attention?
Is it appropriate that I respond "I would like another child, but my husband and I are going through some issues; issues not with conceiving but actually with sleeping with each other," when somebody asks if I only want one child?
When is it appropriate to disclose all the hurt in your life?
When is it appropriate to admit that love does not exist?

So, I have to ask, when is it the time that I realize there are just some things you cannot tell people no matter how much it hurts you, makes you feel relieved, gets you high, makes you more livid, makes you selfishly happy or just makes you feel?

When to filter or not to filter, that is the question?

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