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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1984-Did you know I am truly a brunette?

No, this is not a blog about what I did in 1984.  But if you must know: I was a third grade, nine year old child attending PS 52 (John Thompson Elementary school)  (BTW My teacher Mrs. Murray, the former Ms. Connelly  still teaches 3rd grade there).  I had my own room, painted blue, where I liked to sleep on the floor and play teacher.  I carried my Cabbage Patch Kids everywhere.  I loved to lip sync to Culture Club, Cyndi Lauper, and Prince. 


This also is not a blog entry about the George Orwell book.  Well not exactly.  But there is a connection. 
Big Brother is always watching.

And this year I again am watching CBS' Big Brother sequestered in my own house.  Big Brother is the only competitive reality show that I have interest in-watching or participating.  Yes, I did try out three times for Big Brother.

Twice I made it to the semi finals.  Twice I had to think about the consequences of my going away for three months.  Twice I got really excited to be on television and show my desire for competition. 

The open casting call is always fun.  Waiting on line, listening to everyone's story and angle.  I'm an observer so this feeds my habit.  I might talk a lot BUT when it's time for competition, silence is key. 

When I participated in the Miss Staten Island Pageant, nobody really knew my introduction or my potential answers to questions regarding my platform.  Whether they were good or not, those responses were my own and I owned them,

 My runner up placements at the SI Pageant.

My first try out, I was a newlywed, married less than a year, and thought what better way to start off a marriage but to separate for three months. 

My family thought thinks knows I am crazy and when I have my mind set on something I give it my all.  And I did.  I gave it all HEATHER!!!  But I was not what they were looking for as a part of that cast.  Second time around I didn't make it to the semis.  No problem.  I must have had an off day but the open casting call was a great experience. 

Third time a charm?  Well you can see that it wasn't since I'm here and the cast has been chosen.  But my trip to the call was amazing!!!  My being chosen for the semi finals were awesome.  Now I had to face the family again.  This time I had a good job, a son, and some household obligations I needed to tend to.  But I discussed and found a way to overcome these obstacles.  Hey, my son would get to "see" me three times a week and if he had live feeds even more.  Kind of like facetime right? 

I really thought I had the edge this time.  My body is in great shape, my mind and eye was on the prize, my personality would be a ratings killa!  A little much?
I really thought about strategy, what I would and would not do (I would not not do anything in order to achieve Big Brother winner!).  But it was not my time, again. 

So onward I go.  I watch, I analyze, and I aim to try again.  Sorry mom!  You only live once on this earth and I need to give it my all .  I never want to regret. 
Forget regrets or life is yours to miss.

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  1. Sorry you didn't make it. But at least I still get to see you this summer :)