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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Not so Lazy Rivers, Roller Coasters, and EATING! Pt 1

What a  long winded title to this long winded blog.  Wow!

Last weekend I was afforded a Dorney Park trip with the family for my niece's 10th birthday!  It was a very nice stay at the Holiday Inn Express and a lazy relaxing fun filled time time at the park.  Upon arrival in Allentown, we stopped to eat at Carrabbas where mama ordered  a mojito.  No, this time it was not me!  It was my mom.  I can't believe I haven't had a drink in a while.  Said me.  Said my family.

Dan driving his cousin Meggy Meg and my sis Michele

It was then time to head to the Holiday Inn where everyone was staying.  Now, the plan was that we'd crash for the evening in my sis' rooms however as one of my sis' declared "be a grown up and get your own room," and in turn a room was booked.  You know...I was going to chip in some money for their rooms!  Oh well.

Saturday morning we woke up and sat down to our wonderful breakfast at the Holiday Inn:
Coffee with FLAVORED creamer
2 cinnamon rolls
2 biscuits
scrambled eggs
sausage pattie

No, this wasn't the menu.  This is what I ate.

Off to the park to hit the water area as soon as it opened.  But before then, the task was to cross the street.  Picture a highway, now picture us running across it to get to the park.  Easy?  Sure.  Frightening? Sure.  And only 3 more times we needed to do that.

We ran to get some chairs by the wave pool near an umbrella.  Because really how much darker can I get? Really, my mom needs a little shade when we are in the sun all day.  Most of the day was spent in the wave pool but we hit some water rides:
Daniel did the Acqua Racer 4 times, scoring a 4 on the Thrill Ride scale and rightfully so.  I couldn't look.  I was so scared for his life.  In the end, I had to take my try on it head first because I needed to see why he liked it and wasn't afraid.  And once you push off, it was fun!  But I still didn't feel safe about his bravery!

Next up were the 3 Not so Lazy Rivers:
I put my booty in those tubes under the impression I was going to get to relax.  Not so.  I had a lot of work ahead of me.
Riptide Run-I guess I should have figured out this was no lazy with the name of the ride.  Because at times, we were caught in a riptide and couldn't progress down the slide into the next area without using our arms  and legs to get us out of the jam.  Mom really LOVED this ride!
Wildwater River-Yeah, I guess my brain wasn't in tact this weekend.  Maybe it was because I skipped lunch looking forward to a heavy dinner. Took a lot of energy to help the lil ones (okay, and me) to get away from the hail force water dropping on our heads.
Runaway River-the most calm and pretty long river.  Almost relaxing except the one place where you could not avoid the water banging your head.

After the waterpark, we headed back to the hotel to dry off and change.  Then we headed back across to watch an ice skating show: Snoopy's Big Bow Wow.  It was a cute show. Brings you back to when Peanuts was shown on the television.  Was never a fan... But I do love ice skating and the costumes were pretty. 

Then it was time to eat. FINALLY!!! 8PM and I get to eat.  Shared a pull pork and spicy chicken sandwich at the Game Day Grill.  It was a yummy dinner but because it started raining our ride adventure was put off. So...I looked for dessert.  Nothing interesting at the grill. 
Actually nothing interesting in the ENTIRE park!!!  I know, this is not Hershey (we return next year).  I finally settled on vanilla soft serve in a waffle cone topped with Reese's Pieces. 

Dan was tired so he only got to go on 4 rides and I got to tackle the Hydra.  There was no line so it was a no brainer to hop on.  At night, in the pitch black, it was definitely a score of 5 on the Thrill ride scale. 
A successful day with the family, and my niece out partied us all.  I think it was the fun dip.

Slept through the night, except for when mom screamed in her sleep: Pick me, pick me!  I wonder what she wanted to be picked for?  Sounds like something I would say.

It was again that time for Breakfast:
too much coffee
2 pancakes
2 cinnamon rolls
2 biscuits
2 hard boiled eggs

Did I just eat more than yesterday I asked myself?? I promised to drop 1 biscuit and 1 cinnamon bun in exchange for the pancakes.  And this is why I am on Jenny Craig!

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