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Friday, August 10, 2012

So It's just not me...

This week has been bountiful of writing and reading.  Thank you for reading and the traffic! 

I hope that my blog does help you believe "hey, it just isn't me."
We all have a lot going on in our lives and we all have a story to tell.  For me, as I have said before, writing about my story helps me and I hear that it helps you. 

With that said...I work out a lot twice a day enough to make me happy.  I have the opportunity to work out differently with different and fun people.  My morning routine on the Boardwalk is amazing.

Shout out to Tony from Staten Island Boot Camp!  With my lovely women and our hard core man (RS0-thank's for joining me here), we work out to the sunrise and rainbows.  We are people that come together, once, twice or even three times a week on Staten Island in South Beach.  Even though different in shape, age, gender, and physical ability, we work to our potential. We also enjoy the music and sights, including tricycle girl, sashay chick, the "old" men club, blue man, etc.  A great place to sight see in the morning while working out.  This feeds two of my addictions: people-watching and working out!  Check out the boot camp if you like to wake up for a 6AM class that makes you feel energized throughout the day!

Thus it doesn't hinder on my evening work out, it serves as a foundation for our day. 

So then twice a week, I get to work out with my lovely girls Ann-Marie and Margaret!  And our amazing trainer Chris.  Kettlebells and body weight are used until we are dripping with sweat and our muscles feel like they are on fire.  Thanks Chris!

Occasionally I run.  I don't love it but I do it and I feel good.  And it keeps me competitive and trim in my tummy.  I can only hope!

And, I work out with my Obstacle Course Race (OCR) Group, my Killa Beez!! 

However I do want to stress that my friend Dori Dori (yes I meant to write that twice) is really THE person who I look up to in the exercise world.  The intelligent cute young chickie who I wish I met in Binghamton has really shed light on the doable and fun exercise world!

I am very happy that I have met or (re met) these individuals who help me push through, help me find out things about myself, and show me the commonalities in us all which make us stronger!!!!


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